The Secrets of Athens… a hidden city inside the City


Athens… Hellas (the real name of the country known as Greece).
A magic city with a mythical history of more than 5.000 years.
My home… My town.
My hometown…

Every man and woman should visit Athens, even for only one day in their lives, to see where the Civilization of Mankind began.
Don’t daydream of travelling here…
make your dream travel come true and come to Greece.

Let me introduce myself and be your Guide to a city hidden from the uninitiated, behind the Veil of Athena
Hi… I am Nick

Nick Panagodimitropoulos
International Bodyguard Association (Ι.Β.Α. England)
International Security Consultancy (I.S.C. Israel)
English Language Institute – University of Michigan, U.S.A.
Member of the Hellenic American Union

1. Secrets of Kolonos


Kolonos (a few meters near Plato’s Academy)
Hippeios Colonus held a temple of Poseidon and a sacred grove to the Eumenides goddesses.

According to Greek mythology, Oedipus’s body was buried there, as described by Sophocles, who was born in Kolonos, in his play «Oedipus at Colonus».
However, according to legends, his Tomb must never be found; his body should remain hidden in order to guard the city of Athens.
It was only Thesseus, son of Aegeus-Poseidon, reformer and king of Athens who learned the real place of the Tomb from Oedipus himself, Holly Secret that passes to his successors since then…

2. Athena and Apollo

Athena is the goddess of Wisdom.athens 01
No wonder why she is standing fully armed behind Plato, the most significant philosopher of all times.
Apollo is the god of Light.
Along with Athena, are responsible to bring the Light of Wisdom to mankind and eliminate the clouds of Ignorance.

© Nick Panagodimitropoulos




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